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Vanguard Veteran Training Partner

Have you ever considered how you could support Service members, Veterans and their families post-military transition?

Our mission: To equip civilians to become Veteran Champions. Veteran Champions create mutually-beneficial activities and services with Service members, Veterans and their families to improve Quality of life, Workforce, Community


What you can do:

  • Be a Veteran-Ready Employer: Click, here.
  • Start my Veteran-Connection Ministry: Click, here.
  • Host my Fallen Comrades Ceremony: Click, here.
  • Develop my Leadership Capacity: Click, here.
  • Invite us to Speak: Click, here.

 “Let’s partner and create Veteran Champions who make it easy for Veterans to transition into civilian life.Everyone can be an ‘Everyday Hero’ and support Service members, Veterans and their families.”   

– Lt.Col. (Ret.) Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz                     

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